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Galletas en la madrugada #homemade #food #cookies #yummy #lol

Barbacoa Monday!!! #bbq #summer #food #Monday

Guacamole baby


I actually think this was one of my favorite and most powerful scenes in the show. Kate Mulgrew expertly portrayed the hurt we’ve all felt at one point or another when we were ostracized by people we wanted so desperately to be accepted by and the fact that this feeling knows no boundaries of age.


frank iero is a national treasure. we must protect him at all costs.

Where am i? #dakhogram #Cats #gatetes #gatos

Tough cat life #dakhogram #Cats #gatos #gatetes

I iz hiding #dakhogram #Cats #gatetes


Modded Silk Purse From A Sows Ear.

"Hey y’all, just wanted to shoot through some pics of a customised Squier Classic Vibe Telecaster. These double bound models are fantastic stock standard but this was just crying out to be modded.

"Frankie", the Disastercaster.

Mods include neck swap out for a 22 fret Mighty Mite with jumbo style headstock, P-90 style neck pickup, Brierley (Australian Pickup Manufacturer) Early Vintage 50’s bridge pickup, control plate swap around, pots and capacitors changed, and of course, the Bigsby B5. Hope you dig.” - blackcatboneguitars



We do dig.


Lee DongHae (이동해) 27 years old.